What is LEAGUE?

1. A treaty of alliance between different states or parties. It may be offensive or defensive, or both. It is offensive when the contracting parties agree to unite in attacking a common enemy; defensive when the parties agree to act in concert in defending each other against au enemy. Wharton. 2. A measure of distance, varying in different countries. The marine league, marking the limit of national jurisdiction on the high seas, is equal to three geographical (or ma- rine) miles of 0.075 feet each. In Spanish and Mexican law, the league, as a legal measure of length, consisted of 5,000 varas, and a vara was equivalent to 33% English inches, making the league equal to a little more than 2.03 miles, and the square league equal to .4,428 acres. This is its meaning as used in Texas land grants. United States v. Perot, 98 U. S. 428, 25 L. Ed. 251; Ilunter v. Morse, 49 Tex. 219. “League and labor,” an area of land equivalent to 4,005 acres. Amnions v. Dwyer, 78 Tex. 039, 15 S. W. 1049. See LABOB.

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