What is HOTEL?

An inn ; a public house or tavern ; a house for entertaining strangers ortravelers. St Louis v. Siegrist, 40 Mo. 594; People v. Jones, 54 Barb. (X. Y.) 316; Cromwellv. Stephens, 2 Daly (N. Y.) 19.Synonyms. In law, there is no difference whatever between the terms “hotel,” “inn,”and “tavern.” except that in some states a statutory definition has been given to theword “hotel,” especially with reference to the grant of licenses to sell liquor, as, that it6hall contain a certain number of separate rooms for the entertainment of guests, orthe like. But none of the three terms mentioned will include a boarding house (becausethat is a place kept for the entertainment of permanent boarders, while a hotel or inn isfor travelers and transient guests), nor a lodging house (because the keeper thereofdoes not furnish food for guests, which is one of the requisites of a hotel or inn), nor arestaurant or eating-house, which furnishes food onlv and not lodging. See Martin v.State Ins. Co., 44 X. J. I jaw. 4S5, 43 Am. Rep. 397 ; In re Liquor Licenses, 4 Montg.Co. Law Rep’r (Pa.) 79; Kelly v. Excise Com’rs. 54 How. Prac. (X. Y.) 331: Carpenter v.Tavlor. 1 Hilt. (X. Y.) 193; Cromwell r. Stephens, 2 Daly (X. Y.) 23.

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