What is HORSE?

An animal of the genus eqiuts and species cabaUus. In a narrow and strictsense, the term is applied only to the male, and only to males of four years old orthereabouts, younger horses being called “colts.” But even in this sense the termincludes both stallions and geldings. In a wider sense, and as generally used instatutes, the word is taken as nomen generalissimum, and includes not only horsesstrictly so called, but also colts, mares and fillies, and mules and asses. See Owens v.State, 38 Tex. 557; Ashworth v. Mounsey, L. R. 9 Exch. 187; I’ul- len v. State, 11 Tex.App. 91; Allison v. Brookshire, 38 Tex. 201; State v. Ingram, 16 Kan. 19; State v.Dunnavant, 3 Brev. (S. C.) 10, 5 Am. Dec. 530; State v. Gooch, 60 Ark. 218, 29 S. W.640; Davis v. Collier, 13 Ga. 491. Compare Richardson v. Chicago 4 A. R. Co., 149 Mo.311, 50 S. W. 7S2.

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