Unlawful sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons.Further, if one of the persons be married and the other not, it is fornication on the partof the latter, though adultery for the former. In some jurisdictions, however, by statute,it is adultery on the part of both persons if the woman is married, whether the man ismarried or not. Banks v. State, 96 Ala. 78, 11 South. 404; Hood v. State, 56 Ind. 263,20 Am. Rep. 21; Com. v. Lafferty, 6 Grat. (Va.) 673; People v. Rouse, 2 Mich. N. P. 209;State v. Shear, 51 Wis. 400. 8 N. W. 2S7; Buchanan v. State, 55 Ala. 154.

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