What is DEPOT?

In French law. The depositum of the Roman and the deposit of the Englishlaw. It is of two kinds, being either (1) d(p6t simply so called, and which may be eithervoluntary or necessary, and (2) sequcstre, which is a deposit made either under anagreement of the parties, and to abide the event of pending litigation regarding it, or byvirtue of the direction of the court or a judge, pending litigation regarding it. Brown ;Civ. Code La. 2S97.In American law. (1) A railroad freight or passenger station; a place on the line of arailroad where passengers may enter and leave the trains and where freight is depositedfor delivery; but more properly, only a place where the carrier is accustomed to receivemerchandise, deposit it, and keep it ready for transportation or delivery. Maglieev. Transportation Co., 45 N. Y. 520. 6 Am. Bep. 124; Hill v. Railroad Co. (Tex. Civ. App.)75 S. W. 876; Karnes v. Drake, 103 Ky. 134, 44 S. W. 444; Railroad Co. v. Smith, 71Ark. 189, 71 S. W. 947; State v. New- Haven & N. Co., 37 Conn. 163. (2) A place wheremilitary stores or supplies are kept or troops assembled. U. S. v. Caldwell, 19 Wall.2(58, 22 L. Ed. 114.

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