Where Can I Find Free Study Materials/Practice Questions for the Illinois Life and Health Insurance Exam?

The Illinois Life and Health Insurance Exam is one of the nation's most rigorous actuarial exams. Those who pass it receive clearance to work for any life and health insurance providers that operate within Illinois's borders. The state is home to a large number of insurance companies' home offices as well as some major branch offices for providers based elsewhere. The Chicago area is also a principal hub for other financial and banking activities as well. Many individuals who take the Illinois Life and Health Insurance Exam go on to practice in one of these fields.

You can find free or discounted practice questions and study materials for this exam in several places. Kaplan, the national study-guide and testing firm, produces a comprehensive primer specific to the Illinois exam. If you're willing to shell out $100 or more, you can purchase these materials online or in your local bookstore.

From time to time, Kaplan may run promotions and limited-time discounts that significantly reduce these materials' costs. Likewise, bookstores often run clearance sales on testing materials after the testing season has concluded for the year. Kaplan may also offer a limited number of free online tutorials and other study materials on its website. If you have access to these materials, the company offers a comprehensive set of "reference cross-tabs" for them at kfeducation.com.

There are many Illinois-specific study guides, classes and tutorial programs for this life and health insurance exam. While most comprehensive study guides retail for $200 or more, these products can often be found at steep discounts online. In-person or online classes that run for two or three days also start at around $200. These courses are less likely than printed study materials to be discounted.

It is difficult to find free Illinois-specific practice questions and study materials. While many public libraries have study materials from Kaplan and other testing services available in their reference sections, most institutions have just one copy of each study book. Since demand for these materials can be extremely high in the weeks leading up to the test, it might be unreasonable to expect to engage in unmolested library study for long periods of time.

There are some free test-prep websites, including testprepreview.com, that offer generic life and health insurance practice questions. Although these may help for the "general" section of the Illinois Life and Health Insurance Exam, they neglect the Illinois-specific half of the test.

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