merit. MeDaniel v. Johns, 45 Miss. 041. And see Jasper v. Jasper, 17 Or. 590, 22 Pac.152; Leathers v. Greenacre, 53 Me. 507; Cover v. Stem, 07 Md. 449, 10 Atl. 231, 1Am. St. Bep. 400; George v. Green, 13 N. H. 524; In re Harrison’s Estate, 190 Pa.570, 40 Atl. 888; Bayley v. Bailey, 5 Cush. (Mass.) 249; ReaganOv. Stanley, 11 Lea (Tenn.) 324; Lane v. Hill, 03 N. H. 398, 44 Atl. 597; Conklin v. Eger- ton, 21 Wend. (N. Y.) 430.A will, when it operates upon personal property, is sometimes called a “testament,”and when upon real estate, a “devise;” but the more general and the more populardenomination ofPthe instrument embracing equally real and personal estate is that of “last will andtestament.”4 Kent, Comm. 501.In criminal law. The power of the mind which directs the action of a man.Qln Scotch practice. That part or clause of a process which contains the mandate orcommand to the officer. Bell.

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