A person of unsound mind is an adult who from infirmity of mind is incapable of managing himself or his affairs. The term, therefore, includes insane persons, idiots, and imbeciles. Sweet. See INSANITY. And see Cheney v. Price, 90 Hun, 23S, 37 N. Y. Supp. 117; In re Black’s Estate, 1 Myr. Prob. (Cal.) 24; In re Mason, 3 Edw. Ch. (N. Y.) 3S0; Hart v. Miller, 29 Ind. App. 222, 04 N. E. 239; In re Lindsley, 44 N. J. Eq. 5G4, 15 Atl. 1, 0 Am. St. Bep. 913; Dennett v. Dennett, 44 N. H. 531, 84 Am. Dec. 97; Edwards v. Davenport (C. C.) 20 Fed. 758; Witte v. Gilbert, 10 Neb. 539, 7 X. W. 2S8; Stewart v. Lispenard, 20 Wend. (N. Y.) 300.

TLD Example: The challenge to the last will and testament claimed the deceased was of unsound mind at the time he signed it and did not understand how his estate would be distributed.

TLD Example 2: It was clear from the shabby way she was dressed and her incoherent speech that the woman was of unsound mind.

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