ishment of an Injury by an act of tbe same kind, as an eye for an eye, a limb for a limb, etc. Calvin. Talis interpretatio semper fiends est, nt evitetur absurdum et inconveniens, et ne jndicinm sit illusorinm. 1 Coke, 52. Interpretation is always to be made in such a manner that what is absurd and inconvenient may be avoided, and the judgment be not illusory. Talis non est eadem; nam nullum simile est idem. 4 Coke, 18. What is like is not the same; for nothing similar is the same. Talis res, vel tale rectum, qnse vel qnod non est in homine adtuno super- ?tite sed tantummodo est et consistit in consideratione et intelligentia legis, et quod alii dixerunt talem rem vel tale rectum fore in nubibns. Such a thing or such a right as is not vested in a person then living, but merely exists in the consideration and contemplation of law [is said to be in abeyance,] and others have said that such a thing or such a right is in the clouds. Co. Litt. 342.

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