What is SQUARE?

As used to designate a certain portion of land within the limits of a city or town, this term may be synonymous with “block,” that is, the smallest subdivision which is bounded on all sides by principal streets, or it may denote a space (more or less rectangular) not built upon, and set apart for public passage, use, recreation, or orna- mentation, in the nature of a “park” but smaller. See Caldwell v. Rupert, 10 Bush (Ky.) 179; State v. Natal, 42 La. Ann. 612, 7 South. 7S1; Rowzee v. Pierce, 75 Miss. S46, 23 South. 307. 40 L. R. A. 402, 05 Am. St. Rep. 025; Methodist Episcopal Church v. Hoboken, 33 N. J. Law, 13, 97 Am. Dec. 696; Rev. Laws Mass. 1902, p. 531, c. 52,

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