The determination or decision, in regard to its opinion or intention, of a deliberative or legislative body, public assembly, town council, board of directors or the like. Also a motion or formal proposition offered for adoption by such a body. In legislative practice. The term is usually employed to denote the adoption of a motion, the subject-matter of which would not properly constitute a statute; such as a mere expression of opinion; an alteration of the rules ; a vote of thanks or of censure, etc. See City of Cape Girardeau v. Fougue, 30 Mo. App. 556; McDowell v. People, 204 111. 499, 68 N. E. 379. In practice. The judgment of a court. 5 Mod. 438; 10 Mod. 209. In the civil law. The cancellation or annulling, by the act of parties or judgment of a court, of an existing contract which was valid and binding, in consequence of some cause or matter arising after the making of the agreement, and not in consequence of any inherent vice or defect, which, invalidating the contract from the beginning, would be ground for rescission. 7 Toullier, no. 051.

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