Which was not denied. A phrase found in the old reports, signifying that an argument or proposition was not denied or controverted by the court Latch, 213. Quod non habet principium non habet finem. Wing. Max. 79; Co. Litt 345a. That which has not beginning has not end. Quod non legitur, non creditur. What is not read is not believed. 4 Coke, 301. Quod non valet in principal!, in ac- cessorio sen consequenti non valebit; et quod non valet in magis propinquo non valebit in magis remoto. 8 Coke, 78. That which is not good against the principal will not be good as to accessories or consequences; and that which is not of force in regard to things near it will not be of force in regard to things remote from it

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