ology to indicate that one subject resembles another, with which it Is compared, in cer- tain characteristics, but that there are also intrinsic differences between them. It is exclusively a term of classification. Prefixed to a term of Roman law, it implies that the conception to which it serves as an index is connected with the conception with which the comparison is instituted by a strong superficial analogy or resemblance. It negatives the notion of identity, but points out that the conceptions are sufficiently similar for one to be classed as the sequel to the other. Maine, Anc. Law, 332. Civilians use the expressions “quasi contractus.” “qnasi delictum,” “quasi possessio,” “quasi traditio,” etc. As to quasi “Affinity,” “Contract,” “Corporation,” “Crime,” “Delict,” “Deposit,” “Derelict,” “Easement,” “Entail,” “Fee,” “In Rem,” “Judicial,” “Municipal Corporation,” “Offense,” “Partners,” “Personalty,” “Possession,” “Posthumous Child,” “Purchase,” “Realty,” “Tenant,” “Tort,” “Traditio,” “Trustee,” and “Usufruct,” see those titles.

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