As long as he shall behave himself well; during good behavior; a clause frequent in letters patent or grants of certain offices, to secure them so long as the persons to whom they are granted shall not he guilty of abusing them, the opposite clause being “durante bene plaeito,” (during the pleasure of the grantor.) Quamvis aliquid per se non sit malum, tamen, si sit mali exempli, non est faciendum. Although a thing may not be bad in itself, yet, if it is of bad example, it Is not to be done. 2 Inst. 564. Quamvis lex generaliter loqnitnr, re- stringenda tamen est, ut, cessante ra- tione, ipsa cessat. Although a law speaks generally, yet it is to be restrained, so that when its reason ceases, it should cease also. 4 Inst. 330. Quando abest provisio partis, adest provisio legis. When the provision of the party is wanting, the provision of the law is at hand. 6 Yin. Abr. 49; 13 C. B. 900.

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