Lat. In the civil and old English law. Property; that which is one’s own; ownership. Proprictas plena, full property, including not only the title, but the usufruct, or ex- clusive right to the use. Calvin. Proprictas nuda. naked or mere property or ownership ; the mere title, separate from the usufruct. Proprietas totius navis carina; causa-;; sequitur. The property of the whole ship follows the condition of tlie keel. Dig. 6, 1, 01. If a man builds a vessel from the very keel with the materials of another, the vessel belongs to the owner of the materials. 2 Kent, Comm. 302. Proprietas verborum est salus pro- pietatum. Jenk. Cent. 10. Propriety of words is the salvation of property.

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