other like officer, for the bringing of a person or record before him. Cowell. The direction formerly issued by a sheriff to the proper returning officers of cities and boroughs within his jurisdiction for the election of members to serve in parliament 1 Bl. Comm. ITS. The direction by the judges or commissioners of assize to the sheriff for the sum- moning a sufficient number of jurors. 3 Steph. Comm. 516. The direction issued by the clerk of the peace to the overseers of parishes for making out the jury lists. 3 Steph. Comm. 516, note. In old English criminal law. Instigation to commit a crime. Bract, fol. 1386; Cowell. In Scotch law. An order, mandate, or warrant to do some act. The precept of seisin was the order of a superior to his bailie, to give infeftment of certain lands to his vassal. Bell. In old French law. A kind of letters issued by the king in subversion of the laws, being orders to the judges to do or tolerate things contrary to law.

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