In Its most extensive sense, “perquisites” signifies anything obtained by industry or purchased with money, dif PERQUISITES 895 PERSONALIS ACTIO ferent from that which descends from a father or ancestor. Bract. 1. 2, c. 30, n. 3. Profits accruing to a lord of a manor by virtue of his court-baron, over and above the yearly profits of his land; also other things that come casually and not yearly. Mozley & Whitley. In modern use. Emoluments or incidental profits attaching to an office or official po- sition, beyond the salary or regular fees. Delaplane v. Crenshaw, 15 Grat. (Va.) 468; Vansaut v. State, 90 Md. 110, 53 Atl. 711; Wren v. Luzerne County, 6 Kulp (Pa.) 37.

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