Nobility; men of the highest rauk. Optimam esse legem, quae minimum relinquit arbitrio judicis; id quod certi- tudo ejus praestat. That law is the best which leaves the least discretion to the judge; aud this is an advantage which results from its certainty. Bac. Aphorisms, 8. Optimus interpres rerum usus. Use or usage is the best interpreter of things. 2 lust. 282; Broom, Max. 917, 930, 931. Optimus interpretandi modns est sic leges interpretari ut leges legibus concordant. 8 Coke, 109. The best mode of interpretation is so to interpret laws that they may accord with each other. Optimus legum interpres consuetudo. 4 Inst. 75. Custom is the best interpreter of the laws.

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