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OMNIBUS BILL Definition & Legal Meaning

Definition & Citations:

1. In legislative practice, a bill including in one act various separate and distinct matters, and particularly one joining a number of different subjects in one measure in such a way as to compel the executive authority to accept provisions which he does not approve or else defeat the whole enactment. See Com. v. Barnett, 199 I’a. 101, 48 Atl. 977, 55 L. R. A. 882; Yeager v. Weaver, 04 Pa. 425. 2. In equity pleading, a bill embracing the whole of a complex subject-matter by uniting all parties in interest having adverse or conflicting claims, thereby avoiding circuity or multiplicity of action. Omnis actio est loquela. Every action Is a plaint or complaint. Co. Litt. 292a. Omnis conclusio boni et verl judicii sequitur ex bonis et veris pracmissis et dictis juratorum. Every conclusion of a good and true judgment follows from good and true premises, and the verdicts of jurors. Co. Litt. 2206. Omnis consensus tollit errorem. Every consent removes error. Consent always removes the effect of error. 2 Inst. 123. Omnis definitio in jure civili pericu- losa est, parum est enim nt non subvert! possit. Dig. 50, 17, 202. All definition in the civil law is hazardous, for there is little that cannot be subverted. Omnis definitio in lege periculosa. All definition in law is hazardous. 2 Wood. Leet. 190. Omnis exccptio est ipsa quoque rcgula. Every exception is itself also a rule. Omnis indeiunatus pro innoxis legibus habetur. Every uncondemned person is held by the law as innocent. Lofft, 121. Omnis innovatio plus novitate pertur- bat quam ultilitate prodest. Every innovation occasions more harm by its novelty than benefit by its utility. 2 Bulst. 338; Broom, Max. 147. Omnis interpretatio si fieri potest ita fienda est in instrumentis, ut omnes con- trarietates amoveantur. Jenk. Cent. 90. Every interpretation, if it can be done, is to be so made in instruments that all contradictions may be removed. Omnis interpretatio vel declarat, vel extendit, vel restringit. Every interpretation either declares, extends, or restrains. Omnis nova constitutio futuris forma m imponere debet, non praeteritis. Every new statute ought to prescribe a form to future, not to past, acts. Bract, fol. 228; 2 Inst. 95. Omnis persona est homo, sed non vicissim. Every person is a man, but not every man a person. Calvin. Omnis privatio praesupponit habitum. Every privation presupposes a former enjoyment. Co. Litt. 339a. A “rule of philosophic” quoted by Lord Coke, and applied to the discontinuance of an estate. Omnis querela et omnis actio injuria- rum limita est infra certa tempora. Co. Litt. 1146. Every plaint and every action for injuries is limited within certain times. Omnis ratihabitio retrotrahitur et mandato priori sequiparatur. Every ratification relates back and is equivalent to a prior authority. Broom, Max. 757, 871; Chit Cont. 190. Omnis regula suas patitur exceptiones. Every rule is liable to its own exceptions.


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