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NULLUM TEMPUS ACT Definition & Legal Meaning

Definition & Citations:

In English law. A name given to the statute 3 Geo. III. c. 16, because that act. in contravention of the maxim “Nullum tempus occurrit regi,” (no lapse of time liars the king.) limited the crown’s right to sue, etc., to the period of sixty years. Nullum tempus aut locus occurrit regi. No time or place affects the king. 2 Inst. 273; Jenk. Cent 83; Broom. Max. 60. Nullum tempus occurritreipublicae. No time runs [time does notrun] against the commonwealth or state.Levasser v. Washburn, 11 Grat. (Va.) 072. Nullus alius quam rez possit episcopo deuiazularc inquisitionem facicndam. Co. Litt. 134. No other than the king can command the bishop to make an inquisition. Nullus commodum capere potest de injuria sua propria. No one can obtain an advantage by his own wrong. Co. Litt 148; Broom. Max. 279. Nullns debet agere de dolo, ubi alia actio subest. Where another form of action is given, no one ought to sue in the action de dolo. 7 Coke, 92. Nullus dicitur accessorius post felo- niam, sed ille qui novit principnlera fcloniam fecisse, et illnm reccptavit et comfortavit. 3 Inst. 13S. No one is called an “accessary” after the fact but lie who knew the principal to have committed a felony, and received and comforted him. Nullus dicitur felo principalis nisi actor, ant qui pracsens est, abcttans aut anxilians ad feloniam faciendam. No one is called a “principal felon” except the party actually committing the felony, or the NULLUS IDONEUS TESTIS 838 NUPER OB1IT party present aiding and abetting in its commission. Nullus idoneus testis in re sua intel- ligitur. No person is understood to be a competent witness in his own cause. Dig. 22. 5, 10. Nullus jus alienum forisfacere potest. No man can forfeit another’s right. Fleta, lib. 1, c. 28, | 11. Nullus recedat e curia cancellaria sine remedio. No person should depart from the court of chancery without a remedy. 4 Hen. VII. 4; Branch, Princ. Nullus simile est idem, nisi quatuor pedibus currit. No like is exactly identical unless it runs on all fours. Nullus videtur dolo facere qui suo jure utitur. No one is considered to act with guile who uses his own right Dig. 50, 17, 55; Broom, Max. 130.


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