L. Lat In pleading. The name of a plea to an action of debt upon an obligation for the performance of an award, by which the defendant denies that he submitted to arbitration, etc. Bac. Abr. “Arbitr.” etc., G. Nullum iniqunm est prsesumendum in jure. 7 Coke, 71. No iniquity is to be pre- sumed in law. Nullum matrimonium, ibi nulla dos. No marriage, no dower. Wait v. Wait, 4 Barb. (N. Y.) 192, 194. Nullum simile est idem nisi quatuor pedibus currit. Co. Litt. 3. No like Is identical, unless it run on all fours. Nullum simile quatuor pedibus currit. No simile runs upon four feet, (or all fours, as it is otherwise expressed.) No simile holds in everything. Co. Litt. 3a,- Ex parte Foster. 2 Story, 143, Fed. Cas. No. 4960.

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