What is NOTIO?

by direct information, either written or oral, from those who are cognizant of the fact communicated. Baltimore v. Whittington, 78 Md. 23 1. 27 Atl. 9S4. Implied notice is one of the varieties of actual notice (not constructive) and is distinguished from “express” actual notice. It is notice inferred or imputed to a party by reason of his knowledge of facts or circumstances collateral to the main fact, of such a character as to put him upon inquiry, and which, if the inquiry were followed up with due diligence, would lead him definitely to the knowledge of the main fact, lthodes v. Oil ten It, 48 Mo. ,’)70; Baltimore v. Whittington. 78 Md. 231, 27 All. 084; Wells v. Sheerer, 78 Ala. 147. Or as otherwise defined, implied notice may be said to exist where the fact in question lies open to the knowledge of the party, so that the exercise of reasonable observation and watclifulnss would not fail to apprise him of it, although no one has told him of it in so many words. See Philadelphia v. Smith (Pa.) 16 Atl. 493. Other compound and descriptive terms.

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