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A writ not to distrain. Non dubitatur, etsi specialiter venditor evictionem non promiserit, re evic- ta, ex empto competere actionem. It is certain that, although the vendor has not given a special guaranty, an action ex empto lies against him, if the purchaser is evicted. Code, 8, 45, 0; Broom, Max. 70S. Non efiicit affectus nisi scquatur cf- fectus. The intention amounts to nothing unless the effect follow. 1 Kolle, 220. Non erit alia lex Romse, alia Athacnis; alia nunc, alia postbac; sed ct omnes gentes, et omni tempore, una lex, et sempiterna, et iminortalis contincbit. There will not be one law at Rome, another at Athens; one law now, another hereafter; but one eternal and immortal law shall bind together all nations throughout all time. Cic. Frag, de Itepub. lib. 3; 3 Kent, Comm. 1. Non est arctius vinculum inter homines quam jusjurandum. There is no closer [or firmer] bond between men than an oath. Jenk. Cent. p. 120, ease 54. Non est certandum de regulis juris. There is no disputing about rules of law. Non est eonsonnm ration!, quod cog- nitio accessorii in cnria christianitatis impediatur, ubi cognitio causae principalis ad forum ecclesiasticum noscitur pertinere. 12 Coke, 05. It is unreasonable that the cognizance of an accessory matter should be Impeded in an ecclesiastical court, when the cognizance of the principal cause is admitted to appertain to an ecclesiastical court. Non est disputandum contra principia negantem. Co. Litt. 343. We cannot dispute against a man who denies first principles.

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