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In Scotch law. An equitable power of the court of session, to give relief when none is possible at law. Ersk. Inst. 1, 3, 22; Bell. Nobiles magis plectuntur pecunia; plehes vero in corpore. 3 Inst. 220. The higher classes are more punished in money; but the lower in person. Nobiles sunt, qui arma gentilitia an- tecessornm suoruni proferre possunt. 2 Inst. 595. The gentry are those who are able to produce armorial bearings derived by descent from their own ancestors. Nobiliores et benigni ores presumptions in dubiis sunt pracferendie. In cases of doubt, the more generous and more benign presumptions are to be preferred. A civil-law maxim. Nobilitas est duplex, superior et inferior. 2 Inst. 583. There are two sorts of nobility, the higher and the lower.


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