One who bears messages or errands; a ministerial officer employed by executive officers, legislative bodies, and courts of justice, whose service consists prin- cipally iu carrying verbal or written com- uiuuications or executing other orders. In Scotland there are officers attached to the courts, called “messengers at arms.” An officer attached to a bankruptcy court, whose duty consists, among other things, In seizing and taking possession of the bankrupt’s estate during the proceedings in bankruptcy. The messenger of the English court of chancery has the duty of attending on the great seal, either in person or by deputy, and must be ready to execute all such orders as he shall receive from the lord chancellor, lord keeper, or lords commissioners. Brown. Messis sementem sequitur. The crop belongs to [follows] the sower. A maxim in Scotch law. Where a person is in possession of land which he has reason to believe is his own, and sows that land, he will have a right to the crops, although before it is cut down it should be discovered that another has a preferable title to the land. Bell.

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