What is MELIOR?

Lat. Better; the better. Mclior res, the better (best) thing or chattel. Bract, fol. 60. Melior est conditio defendentis. The condition of the party in possession is the better one, i. e., where the right of the parties is equal. Broom, Max. 715, 719. Melior est conditio possidentis, et rei quam actoris. The condition of the possessor is the better, and the condition of the defendant is better than that of the plaintiff. 4 Inst. ISO; Broom, Max. 714, 719. Melior est conditio possidentis ubi neuter jus habet. Jenk. Cent. 118. The condition of the possessor is the better where neither of the two has a right Melior est justitia vere prseveniens quam severe puniens. That justice which absolutely prevents [a crime] is better than that which severely punishes it 3 Inst Epil.

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