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Lex scripta si cesset, id custodiri oportet quod moribus et consuetudine inductum est; et, si qua in re hoc de- fecerit, tunc id quod proxiwuin et con- sequens ei est; et, si id non appareat, tunc jus quo urbs Romana utitur servari oportet. 7 Coke, 19. If the written law be silent, that which is drawn from manners aud custom ought to be observed; and, if that is iu any manner defective, then that which is next and analogous to it; and, if that does not appear, then the law which Rome uses should be followed. This maxim of Lord Coke is so far followed at the present day that, in cases where there is no precedent of the English courts, the civil law is always heard with respect, and often, though not necessarily, followed. Wharton. Lex semper dabit remedium. The law will always give a remedy. Branch, Princ.; Broom, Max. 192. Lex semper intendit qnod convenit ration!. Co. Litt. 786. The law always Intends what is agreeable to reason. Lex spectat naturae ordinem. The law regards the order of nature. Co. Litt. 1976. Lex succurrit ignorant!. Jenk. Cent. 15. The law assists the ignorant. Lex succurrit minoribus. The law aids minors. Jenk. Cent. p. 51, case 97. Lex uno ore omnes alloquitur. The law addresses all with one [the same] mouth or voice. 2 Inst. 184. Lex vigilantibus, non dormientibus, subvenit. Law assists the wakeful, not the sleeping. 1 Story, Cont


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