What is LEVEE?

An embankment or artificial mound of earth constructed along the margin of a river, to confine the stream to its natural channel or prevent inundation or overflow. State v. New Orleans & N. E. R. Co., 42 La. Ann. 138, 7 South. 220; Royse v. Evansville & T. II. R. Co., 100 Ind. 502, 07 N. E. 440. Also (probably by an extension of the foregoing meaning) a landing place on a river or lake; a place on a river or other navigable water for lading and unlading goods and for the reception and discharge of passengers to and from vessels lying in the contiguous waters, which may be either a wharf or pier or the natural bank. See Coffin v. Portland (C. C.) 27 Fed. 415; St. Paul v. Railroad Co., 03 Minn. 330, 08 N. W. 458, 34 I/. R. A. 1S4 ; Napa v. How- land, 87 Cal. 84, 25 Pac. 247.

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