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He has done all. In pleading. A good plea In bar where all the covenants are in the affirmative. Bailey v. Rogers, 1 Me. 1S9. Omnia praesumuntur contra spoliato- rem. All things


Such tenants, under feudal tenures, as held some little portions of laud by the duty of performing bodily labor and servile works for their lord.


In the Civil law. Ignominy; infamy; shame. Optima est legis interpres consuetudo. Custom is the best interpreter of the law. Dig. 1, 3, 37; Broom, Max. 931; Lofft, 237. Optima est lex


The most ancient species of trial, in Saxon and old English law, being peculiarly distinguished by the appellation of “judicium Dei,” or “judgment of God,” it being supposed that supernatural intervention would


Fr. In French law, an ordinance; an order of a court; a compilation or systematized body of law relating to a particular subject-matter, as, commercial law or maritime law. Particularly, a compilation


Certain districts or tracts of lands In the Orkney Islands were formerly so called, because each paid an annual tax of one ounce of silver.


Any house necessary for the purposes of life, in which the owner does not make his constant or principal residence, is an outhouse. State v. O’Brien, 2 Root (Conn.) 516. A smaller