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To drag a person under the keel of a ship by means of ropes from the yard-arms, a punishment formerly practiced in the British navy. Enc. Lond.


In Hindu law. An office of government in which the business of the revenue department was transacted uuder the Mohammedan government, and during the early period of British rule. Khalsa lauds are


A proctor or solicitor representing the crown in the former practice of the courts of probate and divorce. In petitions for dissolution of marriage, or for declarations of nullity of marriage, the


A court which used to be held twice a year by the bishop of Hereford, in England.


In Hindu law. A written agreement, especially one signifying assent, as the counterpart of a revenue lease, or the document in which a payer of revenue, whether to the government, the zamindar,


This word is applied, in England, to vessels employed in the carriage of coals. Jacob KEEP, n. A strong tower or hold in the middle of any castle or fortification, wherein the


In English law. An engrosser of corn to enhance its price. Also a huckster.


An officer of the central ofiice of the English supreme court. Formerly he was an officer of the exchequer, and had important duties to perform In protecting the rights of the crown;