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The age next to infancy; the first half of the period of childhood, (pucritia,) extending from seven years to ten and a half. Inst. 3. 20. 9; 4 Bl. Comm. 22.

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Settled by covenant. Pacto aliquod licitum est, quod sine pacto non admittitur. Co. Litt. 100. By special agreement things are allowed which are not otherwise permitted.

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Lat Dangerous; perilous. Periculosum est res novas et inusita- tas inducere. Co. Litt 370a. It is perilous to introduce new and untried things. Periculosum existimo quod bonorum virorum non comprobatur exemplo. 9 Coke, 976. I consider that dangerous which is not approved by the example of good men.

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Damages sustained by and awarded to an abutting owner of real property occasioned by the construction and operation of an elevated railroad in a city street, are so called, because compensation is made to th

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