What is LARCENY?

In criminal law. The wrongful and fraudulent taking and carrying away by one person of the mere personal goods of another from any place, with a felonious intent to convert them to his (the taker’s) use, and make them his property, without the consent of the owner. State v. South, 28 N. J. Law, 31, 75 Am. Dec. 250; State v. Chambers, 22 W. Va. 780, 40 Am. Rep. 550; State v. Parry, 48 La. Ann. 1483, 21 South. 30; Haywood v. State, 41 Ark. 479; Philamalee v. State, 58 Neb. 320, 78 N. W. 025; People v. Bosworth, 04 IIuu, 72, 19 N. Y. Supp. 114; State v. Hawkins, 8 Port. (Ala.) 403. 33 Am. Dec. 294. The felonious taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another. 4 Bl. Comm. 229. The unlawful taking and carrying away of things personal, with intent to deprive the right owner of the same. 4 Steph. Comm. 152. The felonious taking the property of another, without his consent and against his will, with intent to convert it to the use of the taker. Hammon’s Case, 2 Leach, 10S9. The taking and removing, by trespass, of personal property which the trespasser knows to belong either generally or specially to another, with the intent to deprive such owner of his ownership therein; and. perhaps it should be added, for the sake of some advantage to the trespasser,

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