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A detailed list of articles of property; a list or schedule of property, containing a designation or description of each specific article; an itemized list of the various articles constituting a collection, estate, stock in trade, etc., with their estimated or actual values. In law, the term is particularly applied to such a list made by an executor, administrator, or assignee in bankruptcy. See Silver Bow Min. Co. v. Lowry, 5 Mont. 018, 6 Pac. 62; Lloyd v. Wyckoff, 11 N. J. Law, 224; Boberts, etc., Co. v. Sun Mut. L. Ins. Co., 19 Tex. Civ. App. 338, 48 S. W. 559; Southern F. Ins. Co. v. Knight. Ill Ga. 622, 36 S. E. 821, 52 L. It. A. 70, 78 Am. St. Rep. 210.

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