Any liquor used as a beverage, and which, when so used in sufficient quantities, ordinarily or commonly produces entire or partial intoxication; any liquor intended for use as a beverage or capable of being so used, which contains alcohol, either obtained by fermentation or by the additional process of distillation, in such proportion that it will produce intoxication when imbibed in such quantities as may practically be drunk. Intoxicating Liquor Cases, 25 Kan. 7G7, 37 Am. Rep. 284; Com’rs v. Taylor, 21 N. Y. 173; People v. Hawley, 3 Mich. 339; State v. Oliver, 20 V. Va. 431, 53 Am. Rep. 79; Sebastian v. State, 44 Tex. Cr. It. 508, 72 S. XV. 850; Worley v. Spurgeon, 38 Iowa, 405.

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