1. A plea by which a person sued in respect to property disclaims any interest in it and demands that rival claimants shall litigate their titles between themselves and relieve him from responsibility. Bennett v. Wolverton, 24 Kan. 2S6. See INTERPLEADER. 2. In Missouri, a statutory proceeding, serving as a substitute for the action of re- plevin, by which a third person intervenes in an action of attachment, sets up his own title to the specific property attached, and seeks to recover the possession of it. See Rice v. Sally, 176 Mo. 107, 75 S. W. 398; Spooner v. Ross, 24 Mo. App. 603; State v. Barker, 26 Mo. App. 491; Brownwell, etc., Car. Co. v. Barnard, 139 Mo. 142, 40 S. W. 762.

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