The withholding or denial of justice. In law, almost invariably applied to the act, fault, or omission of a court, as distinguished from that of an individual. See Ilolton v. Olcott. 58 N. II. 598; In re Moulton. 50 N. II. 532. “Fraud” is deception practised by the party; “injustice” is the fault or error of the court. They are not equivalent words in substance, or in a statute authorizing a new trial on a showing of fraud or injustice. Fraud is_ always the result of contrivance and deception; injustice may be done by the negligence, mistake. or omission of the court itself. Silvey v. U. S., 7 Ct. CI. 324. Injustum est, nisi tota lege inspecta, de una aliqua ejus particula proposita judieare vel respondere. 8 Coke, 1176. It is unjust to decide or respond as to any particular part of a law without examining the whole of the law.

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