What is HAWKER?

A trader who goes from place to place, or along the streets of a town, selling the goods which he carries with him.It is perhaps not essential to the idea, but is generally understood from the word,that a hawker is to be one who not only carries goods for sale, but seeks forpurchasers, either by outcry, which some lexicographers conceive as intimated by thederivation of the word, or by attracting notice and attention to ‘them, as goods for sale,by an actual exhibition or exposure of them, by placards or labels, or by a conventionalsignal, like the sound of a horn for the sale of fish. Com. v. Ober, 12 Cush. (Mass.) 495.And see Graffty v. Rushville, 107 Ind. 502, 8 N. B. 009. 57 Am. Rep. 128; Clements v.Casper. 4 Wyo. 494, 35 Pac. 472; Hall v. State. 39 Fla. 637, 23 South. 119.

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