What is FREIGHT?

Freight is properly the price or compensation paid for the transportationof goods by a carrier, at sea, from port to port. Rut the term is also used to denote thehire paid for the carriage of goods on land from place to place, (usually by a railroadcompany, not an express company,) oron Inland streams or lakes. The name Is also applied to the goods or merchandisetransported by any of the above means. Brit- tan v. Barnaby, 21 IIow. 533, 10 L. Ed.177; Iluth v. Insurance Co., 8 Bosw. (X. V.) 552; Christie v. Davis Coal Co. (D. C.) 95Fed. S38; Ilagar v. Donaldson, 154 Pa. 242, 25 Atl. 824; Paradise v. Sun Mut Ins. Co., 0La. Ann. 5′,K>.Property carried Is called “freight;” the reward, if any, to be paid for its carriage iscalled “freightage;” the person who delivers the freight to the carrier is called the”consignor;” and the person to whom it is to lie delivered is called the “consignee.” CivilCode Cal.

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