(I have caused to be made.) In practice. The name given to the returnmade by a sheriff or other officer to a writ of fieri facias, where he has collected thewhole, or a part, of the sum directed to be levied. 2 Tidd, Pr. 1018. The return, asactually made, is expressed by the word ”Satisfied” indorsed on the writ.Fieri non debet, (debnit,) sed factum valet. It ought not to be done, but [if] done, itis valid. Shep. Touch. 0; 5 Coke, 39; T. Rayni. 58; 1 Strange. 520. A maxim frequentlyapplied in practice. Nichols v. Ketcham, 19 Johns. (N. Y.) 84, 92.

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