What is FATUUS?

An idiot or fool. Bract, fol. 4206.Foolish; absurd; indiscreet; or ill considered. Fatuum judicium, a foolish judgment orverdict Applied to the verdict of a jury which, though false, was not criminally so, or didnot amount to perjury. Bract, fol. 2S9.Fatuns, apud jurisconsultos nostros, accipitur pro non compos mentis; et fatunsdioitur, qui omnino desipit. 4Coke, 12S. Fatuous, among our jurisconsults, is understood for a man not of right mind;and he is called “fatuus” who is altogether foolish.Fatnus prsesumitur qui in proprio nomine errat. A man is presumed to be simplewho makes a mistake in his own name. Code, 6, 24, 14; Van Alst r. Hunter, 6 Johns. Ch. (N. Y.) 148, 161.

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