In the civil law. False designation; erroneous description of a person or thing in a written instrument Inst 2, 20, 30.Falsa demonstratio non nocet, cam de corpore (persona) constat. False descriptiondoes not injure or vitiate, provided the thing or person intended has once been sufficientlydescribed. Mere false description does not make an instrument inoperative.Broom, Max. 629; 6 Term, 670; 11 Mees. & W. 189; Cleaveland v. Smith, 2 Story, 291,Fed. Cas. No. 2,874.Falsa demonstratione legatum non perimi. A bequest is not rendered void by anerroneous description. Inst. 2, 20, 30; Broom, Max. 645.Falsa grammatiea non vitiat concessi- onem. False or bad grammar does not vitiatea grant Shep. Touch. 55; 9 Coke, 48II. Neither false Latin nor false English will make adeed void when the intent of the parties doth plainly appear. Shep. Touch. 87.

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