Forsaken ; abandoned; deserted ; cast away.Personal property abandoned or thrown away by the owner in such manner as to indicatethat he intends to make no further claim thereto. 2 Bl. Comm. 9; 2 Reeve, Eng.Law, 9.Land left uncovered by the receding of water from its former bed. 2 Rolle, Abr. 170;2 Bl. Comm. 202; 1 Crabb, Real Prop. 109.In maritime law. A l oat or vessel found entirely deserted or abandoned on the sea,without hope or intention of recovery or return by the master or crew, whether resultingfrom wreck, accident necessity, or voluntary abandonment. U. S. v. Stone (C. C.) 8Fed. 243; Cromwell v. The Island City, 1 Black, 121, 17 L. Ed. 70; The Hyderabad (D.C.) 11 Fed. 754; The Fairfield (D. C.) 30 Fed. 700; The Aquila, 1 C. Rob. 41.

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