(We have given power.) Iu English practice. A writ or
commission issuing out of chancery, empowering the persons named therein to perform
certain acts, as to administer oaths to defendants in chancery and take their answers,
to administer oaths of ollice to justices of the peace, etc. 3 Bl. Comm. 447. It was
anciently allowed for many purposes not now In use, as to make an attorney, to take
the acknowledgment of a fine, etc. In the United States, a commission to take testimony is sometimes termed a
“dedimus poicstatem.” Buddicum v. Kirk, 3 Cranch, 293, 2 L. Ed. 444; Sergeant’s Lessee v. Bid- die, 4 Wheat. 508, 4 L. Ed. 627

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