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What is CURIA

In old European law. A court. The palace, household, or retinue of a sovereign. A judicial tribunal or court held in the sovereign’s palace. A court of justice. The civil power, as distinguished from the ecclesiastical. A manor; a nobleman’s house; the hall of a manor. A piece of ground attached to a house; a yard or court-yard. Spelman. A lord’s court held in his manor. The tenants who did suit and service at the lord’s court A manse. Cowell. In Roman law. A division of the Roman people, said to have been made by Romulus. They were divided into three tribes, and each tribe Into ten curiw, making thirty curiw in all. Spelman. The place or building in which each curia assembled to offer sacred rites. The place of meeting of the Roman senate; the senate house. The senate house of a province; the place where the dccuriones assembled. Cod. 10, 31, 2. See DECUBIO.

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