What is CURATOR?

In the civil law. A person who is appointed to take care of anything for another. A guardian. One appointed to take care of the state of a minor above a certain age, a lunatic, a spendthrift, or other person not regarded by the law as competent to administer It for himself. The title was also applied to a variety of public officers in Roman administrative law. Sproule v. Davies, 69 App. Div. 502, 75 N. Y. Supp. 229. In Scotch law. The term means a guardian. In Louisiana. A person appointed to take care of the estate of an absentee. Civil Code La. art. 50. In Missouri. The term “curator” has been adopted from the civil law, and it is applied to the guardian of the estate of the ward as distinguished from the guardian of his person. Duncan v. Crook, 49 Mo. 117.

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