What is CIVITAS?

Lat. In the Roman law. Any body of people living under the same laws; a state. Jus civitatis, the law of a state; civil law. Inst. 1, 2, 1, 2. Oivitates fcederatce, towns in alliance with Rome, and considered to be free. Butl. Hor. Jur. 29. Citizenship; one of the three status, conditions, or qualifications of persons. Mackeld. Rom. Law, S 131. Civitas et urbs in hoc differnnt, quod incolse dicuntur civitas, urbs vero com. plectitur jertifioia. Co. Litt. 409. A city and a town differ, in this: that the Inhabitants are called the “city,” but town includes the buildings.

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