Chattels personal are movables only; chattels real are such as savor only of the realty. Putnam v. Westcott, 19 Johns. (N. Y.) 73; Hawkins v. Trust Co. (C. C.) 79 Fed. 50; Insurance Co. v. Haven, 95 U. S. 251. 24 L Ed. 473; Ivnapp v. Jones, 143 111. 375, 32 N. E. 3S2. The term “chattels” is a more comprehensive one than “goods,” as it includes animate as well as inanimate property. 2 Chit. Bl. Comm. 3S3. note. In a devise, however, they seem to be of the same import. Shep. Touch. 447; 2 Fonbl. Eq. 335.

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