What is CEPI?

Lat. I have taken. This word was of frequent use in the returns of sheriffs when they were made in Latin, and particularly In the return to a writ of capias. The full return (in Latin) to a writ of capias was commonly made in one of the following forms: Ccpi corpus, I have taken the body, i. e., arrested the body of the defendant; Cepi corpus et bail, I have taken the body and released the defendant on a bail-bond; Cepi corpus et committitur, I have taken the body and he has been committed tto prison) ; Cepi corpus et est in custodia, I have taken the defendant and he is in custody; Cepi corpus et est languidly, I have taken the defendant and he is sick, i. e., so sick that he cannot safely be removed from the place where the arrest was made; Cepi corpus et paratum liabeo, I have taken the body and have it (him) ready, i. e., in custody and ready to be produced when ordered.

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