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The central office of the supreme court of judicature in England Is the office established in pursuance of the recommendation of the legal depart CENTRALIZATION 182 CERTA DEBET ESSE INTENTIO ments commission in order to consolidate the offices of tlie masters and associates of the common-law divisions, the crown office of the king’s bench division, the record and writ clerk’s report, and enrollment offices of the chancery division, and a few others. The central office is divided into the following departments, and the business and staff of the office are distributed accordingly: (1) Writ, appearance, and judgment; (2) summons and order, for the common-law divisions only; (3) filing and record, including the old chancery report office; (4) taxing, for the common-law divisions only; (5) enrollment ; (6) judgments, for the registry of judgments, executions, etc.; (7) bills of sale; (8) married women’s acknowledgments; (9) king’s remembrancer; (10) crown office; and (il) associates. Sweet.

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