What is BASTARD?

An illegitimate child; a child born of an unlawful intercourse, and while its parents are not united in marriage. Tim- mins v. Lacy, 30 Tex. 135; Miller v. Anderson, 43 Ohio St. 473, 3 N. E. 605, 54 Am. Rep. 823; Pettus v. Dawson, 82 Tex. 18, 17 S. W. 714; Smith v. Perry, 80 Va. 570. A child born after marriage, but under circumstances which render it impossible that the husband of his mother can be his father. Com. v. Shepherd, 6 Bin. (Pa.) 283, 6 Am. Dec. 449. One begotten and born out of lawful wedlock. 2 Kent, Comm. 208. One born of an illicit union. Civ. Code La. arts. 29, 199. A bastard is a child born out of wedlock, and whose parents do not subsequently intermarry, or a child the issue of adulterous intercourse of the wife during wedlock. Code Ga. 1882,

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